Meet Intuitive Healer & Mindset Mentor Linda Bolinger

From sick and lifeless, to vibrant and thriving, Linda has eliminated debilitating symptoms of Celiac Disease. She has learned that heavy burdening life experiences can be quickly lifted using her method. Internally free, she uses her strength and clarity as an Intuitive Healer & Mindset Mentor to support her clients as they navigate and resolve ancestral and childhood traumas that still live active in the DNA.

By working with Linda you will get answers to the unknown. Unlock the motives behind the patterns that have been created to keep you safe from what has happened in the past.  Clarity to understand why the emotional hardship and struggle persists. She will take you to the origin of what is anchoring in the undesirable limiting patterns and quickly prompt the change that frees you. Her method not only exposes the bad toxic energy but it connects you to the vibration, the lifestyle and the freedom that you are longing for. If you are ready to lead a life that flows and welcomes opportunities without pushing and chasing success, Linda’s method is for you.

Re-connect within and create a trigger-less, free-flowing life while purposefully creating that of which you love, alongside the support and encouragement of Linda. If you are ready to let go of the busy, if you are done with feeling stretched thin and under-appreciated, lonely, rejected or even misunderstood, Linda’s method will resolve it. Not only this, you will feel held and supported as you transform into the best version of YOU possible! If you are ready now, I invite you to dive into a FREE 15 minute call with Linda follow the link or to experience Linda’s work first hand in her 1 hour workshop visit to register!

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Where To Find Linda Next

The Art of Changing Your Mind: Podcast Recording with Laughter Yoga Practitioner & Special Guest, Cathy Rivett on October 8th at 12 noon EDT. Don’t miss it!

Be sure to catch Linda Bolinger’s LIVE Interview in Taiwan with Ann Yonge on October 14th at 11am EDT.

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Video Testimonial from Miami, FL Retreat
Janet Taylor of @parentsnevergiveup

Video Testimonial from Miami, FL Retreat
Marion Rose of

Video Testimonial from the Mindfulness Workshop
Shelley Blackburn of

Jeanette Meyer

“I am so excited and relieved to have found Linda. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. She has helped my daughter, my fur family and myself. We have seen unbelievable changes in our emotional and physical wellbeing. Including huge improvements with psoriasis, eczema, stress, and anxiety. I would highly recommend Linda and ThetaHealing to anyone!”

Jennifer Coghill-Funnell

“Last year when I met Linda, I immediately felt safe and comfortable in her presence. Her intuitive skills are so impressive, you get the sense of really being understood, listened too and helped when working with Linda. We’ve had many sessions together and her ability to dig deep down to the root of the issue is so effective and spot in, she creates an amazing space for healing. I greatly appreciate all the healing work Linda has done for me, I have cleared blocks and fears and can honestly say that I live a life full of purpose and love, thanks to Linda’s guidance and support.”


“When I first met with Linda my spirit was broken; I was experiencing severe anxiety, my blood pressure was at a dangerous level and I had no focus. Through time and Thetahealing with Linda I slowly became a whole person again. Linda is an amazing person; she made me feel comfortable and safe, she took the time to listen and work through every issue as it came up. If you are experiencing suffering of any kind I would highly recommend you contact Linda. I am very thankful that I chose to work with her!!”

Shelley Blackburn, Owen Sound, ON

“OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t say enough about the special feeling and gratitude I have for Linda! Before meeting Linda and discovering Theta Healing, I didn’t realize what a special gift this is!!! Linda and I met through a mutual friend and I quickly asked to have her use her healing to do an unblocking session! I am hooked! It is peaceful, life changing and absolutely relieving to be able to open your heart and mind to new thinkings! Linda is kind, open minded and a person I am thrilled to call a friend!”

Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen

“Linda is a highly intuitive compassionate soul whose always been there to help me through challenging times. Getting me to the root cause of the blockages that have presented itself to me in those times. With a loving patient heart Linda has helped me shift those limiting beliefs about myself and find the confidence and self love I needed to put authentic self out into the world.”

Judy Nelson

“Linda has helped me immensely. Got rid of some pain. Helped me heal my body and soul. Thank you! XXOO. FYI I checked my oximeter before our session this morning, my oxygen count was 90 and heart rate was 105. Not good! After our session oxygen was 95 and heart was 85. A lot better–I will book some more sessions with you in the future. Thanks for you help.”

Whitney Brown, Markdale, ON

“I just wanted to share my story and thank my friend Linda, who has helped me over the past year. It has been such a great experience working with Linda. She makes you feel very comfortable, and important, so it makes it easy to share personal information with her. I used to suffer from paranoia and anxiety, as well felt a constant pressure in my head (which I thought was caused from allergies) that never seemed to resolve, it was limiting and uncomfortable, through ThetaHealing Linda quickly helped shift some limiting beliefs and I now spend my days relaxed, and at peace. I have also recently launched a new business and had a frustrating and slow start, but after a good manifesting dig, Linda was able to help me clear the necessary blocks to give it the momentum, it needed, to really take off. I’m enjoying watching the business build and the income grow, I am so grateful for all you have done Linda!”